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Call for Nominations for the 2020 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights

The May 18 Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce the call for  the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2020

1. The Gwangju Prize for Human Rights (GPHR)
About the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights

To promote the spirit of the May 18 Democratization Movement, in which the people of Gwangju resisted brutal military forces for the sake of democracy and human rights in 1980, the May 18 Memorial Foundation recognizes the exemplary efforts of individuals and organizations aspiring to the restoration of justice and human rights in their respective countries through the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights Prize. Since 2000, the Foundation has been bestowing the ‘Gwangju Prize for Human Rights’ to individuals, groups and institutions in Korea and abroad that have contributed in promoting and advancing human rights, democracy and peace in their work. 

The prize is awarded by the citizens of Gwangju in the spirit of solidarity and gratitude to those who have helped them in their struggle for democratization and their search for truth. It is hoped that through this Award, the spirit and message of May 18 will be immortalized in the hearts and minds of humankind.  

Qualified Nominators
A nomination for the GPHR can be submitted by any individual or organization who meets the nomination criteria. Any nomination is considered valid if itis submitted by a person or an organization that falls within one of the following categories:

1.Individuals or organizations who won the May 18 Citizens Award and/or YunSang-won Award
2.Laureates of Gwangju Prize for Human Rights
3.Organizations in Korea or overseas working for human rights, peace, and the reunification of Korea that have been active three years or more and that the May 18 Memorial Foundation Directorate decides to request their nomination
4.Any individual or organization in Korea or overseas that agrees on the purpose of the GPHR

Candidacy Criteria
The candidates eligible for the GPHR are those persons or organizations nominated by a qualified individual or a qualified organization. A nomination of oneself-will not be taken into consideration.

Selection of the GPHR
The May 18 Memorial Foundation is responsible for the selection of eligible candidates and the choice of the GPHR. The selection committee is composed of seven members who are designated by the May 18 Memorial Foundation’s Articles of Association. The rest of the procedure will abide by the Articles of Association.

Submission Period: November 1 ~ November 30, 2019.
Required Submission Documents
i)   Nomination Form (download the attachment)  
ii)  Two ID Photos (paste them on the designated spots)
iii)  Other materials that can substantiate activities and eligibility for the award 
iv)  Send all documents via E-mail to [email protected]

The GPHR Award Prize
The winner of the GPHR will receive a certificate, a medal, and cash award of $ 50,000 USD.

Submission Confirmation
An email confirming the receipt and validity of the submitted nomination will be sent out to the nominator once the submission is complete.

For more information, please visit or email to [email protected]