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Fellowship Programme for Human Rights Defenders 2019

Justice and Peace Netherlands and T.M.C. Asser Institute has launched a new call for applications for the 2019 Fellowship Programme for Human Rights Defenders.

Shelter City is an initiative by Justice and Peace Netherlands that aims to protect and support human rights defenders at risk through temporary relocation and security training. As part of the Shelter City initiative, Justice and Peace Netherlands has established a Fellowship Programme for Human Rights Defenders in The Hague, in collaboration with the T.M.C. Asser Institute, to strengthen and support the capacity of local human rights defenders (HRDs) worldwide.   The Fellowship Programme for Human Rights Defenders will take place from September to December 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands. The fellow will carry out a research project during the relocation period and take part in other relevant research activities of the Asser Institute. With this programme, Justice and Peace and the Asser Institute aims to add the support of HRD’s work in (applied) human rights law research. In line with these activities the Fellow might also perform in public events like lectures or (panel) discussions.   The Asser Institute, supported by Justice and Peace, will select 1 candidate per year for the Fellowship Programme. A monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance, visa and flight tickets to The Netherlands are provided.   Eligibility Criteria   In order to be eligible for the Fellowship Programme for Human Rights Defenders, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • The applicant must be a human rights defender. His/her work promotes Human Rights or he/she fights against Human Rights Violations in a non-violent way;
  • The HRD has a relevant degree in (international human rights) law and a few years of relevant experience in human rights law work, either in practice or in academia.
  • The HRD is threatened or otherwise under intense pressure due to their work and can benefit from a short period of time abroad;
  • The HRD has a proven track record on conducting research activities and work in (applied) human rights law research;
  • The HRD is willing to carry out a research project that aims to contribute to the improvement of human rights and is able to carry this out independently in the relocation period of 3 months;
  • Since this is a temporary relocation programme, the HRD is able and willing to return to the country of origin after 3 months;
  • The HRD has a good command of English (professional working proficiency – both active and passive);
  • The HRD is willing to speak out in public and take part in (relevant) research activities of the Asser Institute;
  • The HRD should be willing/able to come alone;
  • They have a valid passport (with no less than six months of validity) or be willing to carry out the procedures for its issuance. Justice and Peace covers the costs of issuing a passport and / or visa (if applicable);
  • They are not subjected to any measure or judicial prohibition of leaving the country;
  • The HRD is willing to come to The Netherlands around September 2019 for a period of 3 months.

Note that additional factors will be taken into consideration in the final round of selection, such as the added (professional) value of a stay in The Netherlands as well as gender, geographic, and thematic balance.   How to Apply   Interested applicants can request an application form via email at the address given on the website.  

Official information, please visit Justice and Peace.