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Call for Global Peace Ambassadors and Peace Partners 2018

Deadline: October 31, 2018

Global Peace Chain has announced the call for Global Peace Ambassadors and Peace Partners. Global Peace Chain is a project of 20+ international organization across the world which initiated a world wide campaign on peace building & social justice.

This project envisions to cultivate the culture of peace, tolerance, inclusivity & social peace building across the world through peace sessions in universities/colleges, interactive youth social, society’s stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, community groups, religious scholars, and community based organization across the globe. This world wide campaign intends to enroll 1000 Global Peace Ambassadors across the globe and raise 1 million voice in form of signatures over a petition “Terrorism & Violence has nothing to do with any caste, color, creed, ethnicity, region & religion” which will be submitted in United Nations by 2020.

Global Peace Chain also encourages organizations especially working on peace, social justice & human rights to become our partner and peer up with world wide campaign to accomplish its goal. GPC extends many opportunities for partners including status of equal stakeholder in campaign and acknowledgement from United Nations.

GPC is an initiative of MAPS a youth Led organization with the partnership of various other organizations who are working to bring youth on a single platform to make this world a better and peaceful place to live in.


Benefits for Global Peace Ambassadors:

  • Certificate of Global peace Ambassador
  • A chance to represent your country in Peace Summit to be held at United Nations Head Quarter
  • Attend peace summit in your country.
  • Meet inspirational and like-minded young leaders & strengthen leadership capacity in order to contribute to innovation and change in your community.
  • Make worldwide connections, expose to range of experiences and potentially lifelong network of support
  • Opportunity to participate as guest speaker at national peace summits
  • Opportunity to be selected in peace exchange program.
  • Opportunity to participate as GPC representative in talk shows and media programs.

Benefits for Partner Organization:

  • To be a stakeholder of Global Peace Chain.
  • Authority to organize events on the platform of Global Peace chain.
  • Chance to represent your organization at United Nations Headquarter.
  • To host Global Peace Delegate in your country.
  • To lead hundreds of Global Peace Ambassadors of your country.
  • Chance to be the country director of Global Peace Chain. Letter of partnership with Global Peace Chain.
  • Acknowledgement of partnership on official website of GPC International media recognition.
  • Opportunity to organize peace exchange program.



  • Youth aged between 18-35
  • Commitment towards UN Designated SDGs
  • Highly Motivated, Passionate
  • You should be able to passionately explain how you want to make change in your country.
  • You should be able to explain your biography and experience in your social engagements.
  • They are looking to find a diverse group of people with different experiences, ideas and backgrounds
  • Have a good command on English
  • Be open minded & positive


  • Your organization should be a registered one.
  • Committed towards the promotion of Peace.
  • Willing to promote the agenda of Global Peace Chain.
  • You are able to host a delegate from Global Peace Chain in your country.
  • You are able to conduct small peace activities within your communities.
  • You are able to organize a Peace Summit in your country.
  • You are able to conduct a press conference upon visit of Global Peace Delegate.


Applicant must upload image not more than 50Kb

Be a Global Peace Ambassador or Be a partner and help Make Peace a Reality

For more information, visit Global Peace Chain.

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