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DO School/BVG City of Goods Challenge 2018 (Fully-funded to Berlin)

Deadline: September 28, 2018

The DO School City of Goods Challenge 2018 is open for applications. The DO School, in partnership with BVG, Berlin’s public transportation authority, will bring together 20 talented innovators with diverse backgrounds to co-create compelling new ways of leveraging the public transportation infrastructure to make goods delivery smart and sustainable.

The City of Goods Challenge will take place at The DO School campus, located in one of the world’s most dynamic and and sustainability-focused capitals, Berlin from November 11 – 16, 2018. During the intense six-day program, participants will explore new approaches to sustainable city transport logistics. They will innovate, learn and connect in a diverse community of inspiring individuals.

The Challenge

Online shopping is so convenient, yet so stressful on the transportation infrastructure and the environment. In Berlin, 2,450 vehicles deliver around 400,000 packages – a day. These delivery vans clog streets and bike lanes, create noise, and pollute the air.

How can buses, subways and stations be used as part of system to transport parcels to individuals and companies? And what role can BVG play in collaboration with traditional service providers and new crowd-delivery opportunities? You will create exciting answers to such questions – and the best approaches to the test.


  • The opportunity to develop concrete products and services that will have a real-world impact.
  • Lifelong connections with like-minded passionate peers and the chance to join our global community of purposeful DOers.
  • Deep insight into the DO School Method, an award-winning, tested innovation approach used by world-leading business and non-profit organizations.
  • The ability to work with international experts in your area of interest and also learn from the diverse handpicked peer community.
  • And of course: it is great fun to see the community and the project evolving during this innovation sprint!


Selected participants will receive a full scholarship covering tuition, travel cost to and from Berlin and local accommodation for the program duration.


  • Individuals residing in Europe over the age of 18
  • All backgrounds and nationalities are welcome! However for this program they can only accept applications from people already based in Europe.
  • Applicants must who have demonstrated a pioneering, creative spirit in fields such as – but not limited to – logistics, mobility, urban planning, engineering, shared economy, design and technology.
  • They will consider people from a variety of backgrounds and wide range of experiences, so if you feel like you can make a valuable contribution, please apply and tell us why!
  • They value diversity of thought and experience more than anything!
  • There are no formal requirements in terms of knowledge, education or work experience.
  • Most of all they want to see that you are passionate about this topic and motivated to make a positive impact!


Please submit your application through our online application platform. The application form consists of:

  • A 60 second introduction video
  • Four questions with regard to your motivation, experience and expectations
  • A link / document to support your application

Please note: only applications which meet the formal requirements will be considered. After reviewing the applications, we will invite selected candidates for a 30 minute Skype interview. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application, whether successful or not.

Applications are completed through an online application form.

For more information, visit DO School.

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