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International Estophilus Scholarships 2018, Talin, Estonia

Deadline: October 12, 2018
The Estophilus scholarship may be applied for by the international final bachelor year students, master students, PhD students and post-doctorate researchers from universities abroad while staying in Estonia for conducting research or collecting material about Estonia. When applying for the scholarship, the Estonian language proficiency is an advantage but not a requirement. The scholarship consists of the scholarship for living costs in amount of 500 euros per month, and travel compensation. The limits of travel compensation are given in the scholarship guidelines.
The purpose of the guidelines is to establish the conditions for applying for and using the Estophilus scholarship of the abroad and arrangements for payment thereof. and research of the academically a interested in-depth in the Estonian language and culture in Estonia.The scholarship is granted by the programme board (hereinafter: the board) who a The scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research from the funds allocated to the Archimedes Foundation (hereinafter: the Foundation) for that purpose.
The activities are organized by the Education Ag among other things, the following:
− mediation and disclosure of information on the Internet and other media, and in other information channels targeting the students;
− management of the calls for applications, inc − communication with applicants;
− presentation of the conditions and forms of the application, including the organization of information seminars in all public universities;
− bringing out the analysis of applications and the main reasons for − preparation, conclusion and termination of the contracts awarding scholarships, paying scholarships, analysis of the reports and monitoring the execution of the contracts;
− councelling the grantees;
− informing the public.
The compiling and improving of the given guidelines and the awarding of scholarships is coordinated by the specialist of Higher Education Unit of the Education Agency of the Foundation.
1. The purpose of the activity is to support the studies and research of the and researchers interested in the Estonian language and culture in Estonia, by thus contributing to the exchange of knowledge and making Estonia results in increased number of studies related to Estonia and of the students interested in the Estonian language and culture.
2. The scholarship may be applied for by the foreign nationals students, PhD students and post in Estonia for conducting research or collecting material about Estonia. When applying for the scholarship, the Estonian language proficiency is an advantage but not a requirement. The applicant must be the end-user of the scholarship. 3. The Board may grant a scholarship for up to 10 months, but BA students are granted with two months maximum.
4. The scholarship period is the period from the first day of tuition until the last day of tuition according to the dates brought out in the confirmation letter of the host institution. The duration of one scholarship period can not be shorter than 30 days.
5. The scholarship is paid only for the period of stay in Estonia. The absence from Estonia during the scholarship period has to be coordinated with the Foundation.
6. The grantees have the opportunity to divide the scholarship period into two parts if dividing the period is necessary due to conducting research or studies. For example in case of scholarship period of three months, it is possible to divide it between different semesters (e.g. 60 days in autumn and 30 days in spring). In case the time of staying in Estonia takes place in several parts, the scholarship period is added up.
7. The grantees are required to have a supervisor from Estonian research or development institution while applying the scholarship. The Estonian supervisor has to own a research grade and hold competence for supervising the research.
Scholarship applications are accepted twice a year. The deadlines for submission will be announced on the Foundation’s website. 15. The application must be submitted no later than by the announced deadline.
The scholarship application along with all the required annexes are submitted electronically in Estonian or in English. The application system can be found at The possibility to submit applications opens one month before the announced deadline. The applicant must timely submit the following documents to the Foundation:
− formal application;
− research plan; − curriculum vitae;
− proof that the applicant is final year BA student, MA or PhD student or a document verifying the PhD degree;
− confirmation of the Estonian supervisor about the acceptance of the candidate and confirmation of his/her preparedness of supervising the candidate. In the Estonian written confirmation, the receiver must briefly describe the research topic and justify the importance of the research for Estonia. Required documents (listed above) have to submitted through the application system. The applicant does not have to send the application and other documents via (e-)mail. The application has to be filled in and submitted (by clicking `submit` arter filling in the application). The applicant does not have to sign the documents. By submitting the documents in application system the applicant has confirmed that all required documents are correct, and submitting is being considered as the applicant`s signature.