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Undergraduate Scholarship Essay: What? Why? How?

To win a scholarship, you will be asked to write an Undergraduate Scholarship Essay. Many people freak out at this stage and back out from applying for the scholarship. This should not be the case anymore because we are going to explain why this is a great opportunity you do not have to miss. We’ll explain why it is needed and give you some useful tips on coming up with a good scholarship essay that will start your journey to achieving your dreams.

A scholarship article is an article that outlines one’s motivations, financial status, skills, educational background as well as it is a good reason why one needs the scholarship. Does this sound too complex? Maybe it does but that is why we wrote this article.

Some people hope for this part of applying a scholarship to be scrapped off, but its importance is so vital that it can’t be done away with. Undergraduate Scholarship Essay give the admission board an idea of the kind of a person you are, it gives an idea of your ambition, and tells whether you ‘need’ or ‘deserve’ the scholarship. Students who need scholarships tend to beg, but those who deserve the same, explain why and they think that opportunity is meant for them. So just before we go to the nitty-gritty of tips of writing a winning scholarship, here is the golden rule: give reasons of why you deserve the scholarships. Have this idea all along as you work on the essay.

Now with that in mind, let us look at the steps to follow when writing a scholarship essay, yes it has steps.

1. Gather Ideas for Undergraduate Scholarship Essay

To increase the chances of coming up with a successful scholarship essay, do some research on the institution that you are planning to join. With some knowledge of the institution, you will gain more confidence in what content to create.

Then, choose an appropriate topic that, apart from listing your skills, will attract the reader (unless the topic has been chosen for you).

Talk of things that can make you shoot from the crowd, your major accomplishments; mention your challenges as well. Think of something that is so unique, a thing that will not resemble anyone else’s. Once you have the topic, think of what content you will cover in the essay to make it logical. Be straightforward. Take your time because, with scholarship essays, they are not like other regular essays, no failing, in this case, no grading, no second chances unless you wait for the following year so make it count, put your best foot forward. Ask for help from friends and family, get online help from online writers too, those writers do some commendable work that will go a long way to see you succeed in your scholarship application.

2. Introduction

This will be the face of your essay. Draw the attention of the committee in this section. It will either engage or turn them off. Once you nail this section, your chances of winning the scholarship are as good as 100%.  It is not necessary you start from the beginning of your story, you can start from the end so that the readers will be eager to travel through with you in your essay until you come to how it ended. Make it brief but very informative. Be positive-minded here and avoid very long sentences, that can come later but not in the introduction part.

3. Main Body

Now, this is the ‘flesh’ of your essay. Delicious meat needs to be juicy, attractive, and well-flavored, exactly how your essay body needs to be. The paragraphs should explain your life, your accomplishments, and the plans you have for the future, add everything that the board might find persuasive and interesting.

  • Don’t summarize, explain everything in detail.
  • Be personal, it is about you, the story and the style of writing are all about you.
  • Avoid citing any complains – strong people struggle, and they do not whine. Even with a sad story, write it with a positive attitude, show how you emerged successful through it all.

4. Wrap up Everything in a Conclusion

In this section of your essay, stress the relevance of your story, and tell them why they need you for the interview, explain why you are the best fit. But, don’t try to sum everything up. No need to review everything here, the reader’s memory is still fresh with the whole story so no need for reminding him or her. Just emphasize the main points, the one you see as the most crucial.

The final tip for Undergraduate Scholarship Essay: let us remind you that proofreading is a must. Read through your essay mercilessly, living no stone unturned. As we said earlier, there is no second chance once you have submitted the essay so do all you can to make it perfect for the only chance you have.

Choose the right vocabulary for your essay! A great story explaining yourself is not the only part that determines your success, so what is the other? It is the vocabulary you use and the choice of words. Choose your words carefully, it has a great impact on the whole essay.

Be sincere, be positive, and be concise. Don’t use this to show how much you have mastered the whole dictionary in your head, instead, use it just as a means of creating captivating and informative content. I would say keep your dictionary away when writing your personalized essay for scholarships, use the words you know unless it is just for confirming the spellings of a word you know.