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Asia World Model United Nations in South Korea

Deadline: 14th May, 2018

Asia World Model United Nations (AWMUN) is a Model United Nations Competition held by International Global Network (IGN). Entering its first annual session, AWMUN aims to bring together more than 1000 young people from all across the world to experience diplomacy in multiculturalism. With the theme a Defying Commonality: Unfolding Extraordinary Potentials, AWMUN won at always be about committee sessions, but also celebration of the spirit of diversity through various events that we hold.

Opening Ceremony:

Asia World Model United Nations Opening Ceremony will be held on the evening of August 11th 2018. The Secretary General will deliver opening remarks to officially mark the start of Asia World Model United Nations.

There will be opening performances and keynote speakers to prepare delegates for the committee session.

MUN 101 and Zero Conference

AWMUN provides MUN 101 and Zero Conference before the committee sessions start, in order for the delegates to learn how MUN works and to understand the Rules of Procedure deeper. This MUN 101 and Zero Conference will be assisted by our Board of Directors. They will explain and teach the delegates step-by-step procedure of the MUN and they will be discussing fun topics in the Zero Conference!

Committee Session

Delegates who are assigned in each council, will represent a country and act as their countries representatives to discuss the topic of the council. There will be fruitful debates and heated negotiations upon the discussion of each topic throughout the committee sessions in this year as AWMUN. Delegates will be moderated by Board of Directors during the committee session, ensuring that the flow of discussion will result in a comprehensive resolution which will be condensed from every solution and idea that the delegates bring.

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