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Youth International Summer School 2018 in Shanghai

Deadline:  May 6, 2018

As infrastructure, education and businesses all adapt to the rapid changes taking place within our world, so must citizens. The International Summer School aims to discuss and examine the idea that in order to make our cities truly smart, we must start by developing a smart society. Set in the technological hub of Shanghai, China, the International Summer School is designed to foster leadership, human values and a sense of social responsibility. Through a harmonious combination of educational and cultural exchange programs, participants will leave the event feeling empowered and inspired to generate positive change within their communities. A series of informative keynotes, case studies and highly-interactive workshops will help attendees to gain insight on the different strategies and technologies used in the development and transformation of smart cities and societies. Participants will also be encouraged to consider their own roles and responsibilities in regard to the sustainable future of the planet.

The main theme of the school is “The Smart Revolution: The Interconnection between City and Society”.

Location: China


  • Participants will have the opportunity to meet with like-minded people from every continent in the world. From the US to the UK, Ghana to our host nation China, young people from all corners of the globe will have the chance to network with one another, in addition to making contacts with experts in the field of business, science, technology and other related fields.
  • Youth Time International Movement carefully selects esteemed guest speakers and trainers to conduct all talks and workshops throughout the programme. Participants can expect to leave the International Summer School feeling inspired and with the newfound knowledge that will serve as a foundation for success in both their personal and professional lives.
  • Summer School will be both a highly educational and fun-filled experience. There will be a range of enjoyable cultural activities that allow participants to further explore the host city. Participants will be given the chance to visit some of the city’s most exciting attractions whilst trying out some of the local cuisines. Participants will have the chance to dine in style, sampling traditional Chinese cuisine in spectacular surroundings. Further, our opening and plenary sessions will feature high-profile guests of honor which participants will have the opportunity to meet.


Young people ranging in age from 18 to 35 years old;

Evidence of strong social responsibility and commitment;

Fluency in English required;

Preferred backgrounds to include social and business enterprises, non-profits, social activists, artists, educators, young researchers, scholars and students.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

In order to apply, you should fill in the application form given in the Apply Now link whereby you will attach your CV and one-minute motivational video answering the following questions:

1. What do understand by the terms “Smart City” and “Smart Society”?

2. What is you motivation for applying to the International Summer School in Shanghai?

3. How will you implement the knowledge and skills you will gain from the International Summer School in Shanghai?

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