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Wells Mountain Foundation Empowerment Through Education Scholarship Program

The Wells Mountain Foundation (WMF) is offering Empowerment Through Education (ETE) Scholarships for AY 2018 to students from developing countries who wish to undertake their first certificate, diploma or Bachelors degree, in their own country or another developing country.

WMF encourages applications from those interested in pursuing degrees that will best help their local communities, in fields such as: medicine & health sciences, community development, law, education, social work, business, information technology, agriculture and engineering.


Ten to thirty scholarships will be awarded per year, each valued between US$300 and US$3000 annually, for the entire duration of the undergraduate course. Although the maximum scholarship is US$3000 per year, this amount is rarely awarded; instead, the average scholarship amount is US$1400. The scholarship monies may be used for tuition and fees, books and study materials, and room rent.

Empowerment Through Education Scholarship Program does not fund education in the United States, UK, Australia, and Europe as education in these countries costs too much for the scholarship quantum to be effective. Masters and doctorate degrees are also not supported, but medical degrees are eligible for assistance.


Applicants have to be from developing countries who have successfully completed a secondary education, with good to excellent grades, who will be studying for their first degree in their country or another developing country and who intend to live and work in their own country upon graduation. They must have done volunteering work before or are willing to volunteer whilst under the ETE scholarship. They are individuals who may have some other funds available for their education, but would still not be able to attend undergraduate school without a scholarship.

Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain good grades in all university studies, are ambassadors for community service and engagement, and have to document 100 hours of community service activities within each year of their study program.


Applications are to be done online or sent by post, to arrive by 1 April 2018.

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