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Internet for Development Grants for Gender Empowerment & Innovation 2018

Deadline: April 30, 2018

Proposals are invited for the I4D Grants for Gender Empowerment & Innovation 2018. The I4D Grants will be allocated to projects/organizations working to achieve gender equality on the Internet. Innovation and a development focus must be an integral part of the project proposal. Proposals must include an implementation component, a realistic timeframe and a detailed budget breakdown.

Proposals must be focused on one or more of the following areas:

  • Building advanced digital skills among women and girls (coding, network management and security, IPv6, big data, sensors, IoT, devices, machine learning, cloud computing);
  • Supporting women to get involved in network infrastructure deployment to expand Internet access and adoption;
  • Encouraging the participation of women in digital markets to support women’s economic empowerment as well as capacity building initiatives that support employment paths in the Internet industry;
  • Promoting the safe use of the Internet for women and girls
  • Defending women and girls rights online.


A total grant of USD 53,000 is available, as follows:

  • USD 30,000 scale-up grant for one existing project looking to expand,
  • USD 23,000 small grant for one new project.


  • ISIF Asia will only support initiatives managed by organizations based in the Asia Pacific region, with funds allocated to be invested within the Asia Pacific region. ISIF Asia will consider regional diversity and balance when making final decisions.
  • Proposals must have clear and concrete objectives and a well-structured methodology;
  • Project proposals submitted by public or private sector organizations, university or research and development institutions, governments and non-government organizations will be considered;
  • Community networks, Members of Network Operators Groups (NOGs), members/partners of IXPs, operators of root servers are encouraged to apply;
  • Postgraduate students are encouraged to apply, with support of their universities;
  • Projects lead by women and where women have an active technical role are specially encouraged to apply in all categories;
  • Grant applicants should demonstrate capacity to manage funds, conduct project activities and document outcomes effectively, within the specified budget and time limits. Administrative overheads will not be funded;
  • Grant applications must include a realistic timeframe for project implementation that is achievable in a maximum of 12 months;
  • Grant applications must include only the budget breakdown of the funds solicited to ISIF Asia. If the application is part of a larger project, details about source of funding and budget distribution can be provided as part of the grant application but without being included on the budget breakdown requested as part of the application form. The program may decide to partially fund a proposal;
  • Applicants are encouraged to calculate travel expenses to engage with the regional/global research community as part of their proposal. Travel will only be supported on economy class and daily expenses can be claimed only against presentation of receipts for meals not included in the events attended, under very strict guidelines. Part of the grant will be used to process travel insurance requests if necessary.


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For more information, visit I4D Grants for Gender Empowerment & Innovation.