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Fully Funded Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia 2018 in Singapore

Deadline: February 28, 2018

The Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) Southeast Asia Innovation Program is now open for applications. Do you have a burning desire & relentless drive to create solutions for a better world? Join the innovation program to create new startups from scratch and take that extra step to make your ideas a reality.

YSI’s Innovation Program aims to build strong and effective startup teams which create solutions to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is for you and your team to create a real startup that helps solve the sustainable development goals and are economically viable. Fellows of the YSI SEA program are put in international teams of 4 people, and will go through 5 modules and 10 objectives in three months online. You will the spend about two weeks in Singapore where you get a fully funded trip to meet mentors, your teammates, investors and other stakeholders in the sustainability space.

The program offers knowledge and tools in innovation, creativity and leadership. They train the teams to operate their own startup, as well as going from nothing to a fully fledged startup in 5 months. They provide close mentorship and follow up through our innovation team, access to the YSI network of talents, partners and mentors. They also train the team’s to find the necessary information and help they need for themselves. The program will be facilitated online, primarily using an education platform named


Entire program will be fully funded.

YSI programs are 100% free for all participants and it includes a fully funded trip to Singapore (including flight, accommodation and food). You will live in Singapore from  19th – 30th July. It does however take a lot of time, and it’s expected to use between 15 and 25 hours each week from April 15th – July 30th.

Program Details


The online program will last a total of 12 weeks, and will comprise 5 modules with 10 objectives, which allows teams to determine their own pace. 6 groups of 4 participants will be guided through the program by their assigned facilitators with 3-4 contact hours a week, and would have 3-4 contact hours a month with an industry mentor

  • You will meet your teams from across Southeast Asia – individuals with similar passion and interests as you.

  • You will work with your teams online through team-building, design thinking, problem identification and market validation strategies.

  • Facilitators and experienced mentors will be present to guide each team.

Singapore Innovation Program:

  • Arrive in Singapore in July to physically meet your teams.
  • Prototype, perform market validation and obtain feedback from professional mentors and investors.
  • Refine and validate your business model and startup idea.

Singapore Sustainability Conference:
  • Pitch your solution to Investors, Venture Capitalists and Accelerators that YSI SEA has gathered for you.
  • Get funding to bring your startup to the next level!


As long as you are residing in the region, you are eligible to apply. You do not have to be a citizen of the Southeast Asian countries. The program is looking for:
  • Dedicated and Passionate youths who are ready to commit to setting up a startup
  • Youth who have a proven track record of excellence in their SDG of interest.
  • Youth who display specific skills are encouraged to apply, so long as they can propose how their skills can be used towards product/service development.

  • Have the time to use 15-25 hours each week from April-June and the time it takes to create a real startup after the program.

  • Open minded people who respect different cultures, willing to understand different walks of life, see things in a new perspective, with the intention of creating a positive impact.
  • Able and willing to learn how to work online with a team from all over SEA.

  • People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, and bold enough to actually do it.

  •  Apply as an individual, not as a team.
  • Apply only if you are of 18-25 years of age and reside in the Southeast Asian Region.
  • You do not need to have a startup idea before applying.
  • There will be 3 rounds in the application process. 6 teams will be chosen to work together at the end of March.

Passionate about the SDGs and willing to make an impact? Apply now.

For more information, visit YSI Southeast Asia Innovation Program.