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Apply for the Future Innovators Summit Tokyo 2018

Deadline: February 28, 2018

Apply now to take part in Future Innovators Summit Tokyo! Japanese ad agency Hakuhodo and Ars Electronica invite you to engage in collective brainstorming amidst Japan’s megacity! The Future Innovators Summit Tokyo seeks those tantalized by the idea of being part of a lively interdisciplinary crew confronting the key issues of humankind’s future.

“Future Innovators Summit” is a hands-on discussion program that you can actually participate which has been developed by the collaboration between Ars Electronica and Hakuhodo Inc. This has been a so-called “an interdisciplinary think tank” at the Ars Electronica Festival since 2014 which functions to create future questions (ie; Creative Questions) shaped by the innovators throughout the world. The innovators all have different backgrounds and expertise such as artists, designers, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, philosophers etc.

A “Creative Question” is a question that seeks for diversity in the future and generates questions which prompts new possibilities. We consider FIS to be completely different from “Ideathons” or “Hackathons,” both of which are more solution oriented and are designed to finding solutions for existing issues. FIS is a creative system aiming to create Future Missions to illustrate a better future.


If you are chosen as a participant you will be able to attend and present your work/projects at FIS Tokyo. The following fee will be supported: travel and accommodation.


  • This open call is directed to innovators who have creative ideas and projects (in development, ongoing or realized) relevant to the challenging topics and questions for the Future Innovators Summit.

They would like to invite many future innovators that will respond to these topics.

  1. DEATH-LIFE in Tokyo: What is life and death in a city with the fastest aging society?

  2. TECH-SKIN in Tokyo: What would be the future of fashion and body borne in a city embracing the world’s most advanced technology?

  3. PUBLIC-PRIVATE in Tokyo: What could be the future relations of individuals and public in a mega-city with no common space?


If you are interested in attending the 3 days discussion program/exhibition in FIS TOKYO, please apply by filling in the requested information. Please be aware that everything will proceed in English.

Prepare the following information;

  • ①Introduction of your profile(200-300 words)

  • ②Presentation Video(within 3mins)
    Theme: Please choose a theme you would like to discuss among the three and present your ideas. Also explain the reason and passion you have for attending this event.

  • ③Materials of the project responding to the theme.(Ideas, art works, projects, research results, activities, strategies, business plans, etc.)

They will contact only the selected innovators from [email protected] by March 30, 2018.

Complete the application form.

For more information, visit Future Innovators Summit Tokyo.