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5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Internship Resume

If you really want that internship, then your internship resume should be perfect. You cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to your internship resume for that can cost you your job. However, which are these mistakes we are talking about?

Come, let us take a look…

Being unorganized

Your resume is literally the first impression you get to make on the employer and if that first impression is not good enough, it might very well be the last. An organized resume can cut the cord for you even before you start. Make sure your resume has structure and the things are organised properly and in a chronological order. You can also highlight the things that will recommend you to the job and put it on top.

Also, your name, address, email id and phone number should be on top and stand out from the cluster of all the information provided on the resume.

Making grammatical errors

Silly grammatical mistakes can actually cost you the internship. To avoid these mistakes, proofread your resume, once and if need be, twice. Ask one of your friends to proofread it for you.

And be extra careful to not use the “texting lingo” on your resume. It might look cool to you when you type “gonna” instead of “going to” but it will surely not impress the person filtering the resumes. “Texting lingo” is a big no-no when it involves any official work. So, be careful about the language you use in a document that can decide your future in so many ways.

Move over the trivia

The crisper your resume, the better, so avoid unnecessary trivia. The fact that you came first in class when you were in 9th standard won’t excite anyone else saving probably you. The employer won’t care about such an information and your internship resume will be so much better without it.

Glance through your academic achievements through your school days and focus on specific achievements during the college years. Talk about extracurricular activities and other achievements. If you were the editor of your school magazine then that is something worth putting on your resume. Make sure that whatever you say is relevant and adds to the internship profile being offered and pitches you as an ideal candidate. You can remove or delete rest of the information.

Appropriate email address

Have you been using the same email address that you used as a kid? Chances are, that like most of us you would have goofed up on your first email id and upgrading to a new, better and more formal id can do you a world of good.

If your internship resume reads cutiesomething@****.com then you should change it, ASAP. Try having an email id with your name on it without the cutie, sweetie, stud or any such prefix or suffix attached to it.

Be simple and straightforward

Don’t go for big words or complex sentences. You can make a great impact on the recruiter by keeping your resume meaningful and error free, so you can skip on the huge words. Don’t bother with jargon either and remove excessive words to make your internship resume more compact.

Your internship resume is your key to new opportunities today and in the future. So, focus on it, model it, remodel it and get the internship you want to open new avenues for better job opportunities in the future.